We supply energy for factory industrial production

Our primary goal is to constantly increase energy savings in the industrial supply sector.



How do we work

Factory production strives to achieve the highest possible efficiency and optimization of the production process. Ways to reduce waste,minimize time delays and maximize resource utilization
are always being sought.

Our goal is to continuously increase energy savings.

We consider it important to implement environmental protection measures, such as better transportation management and strict environmental standards for ship and train transportation, to minimize negative impacts on transportation ecosystems.

We supply the highest quality hard coal to companies and businesses in the Central European region.


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The specific type of hard coal may depend on the region and specific mining methods. We specialize in the import of washed cleaned industrial coal.
Coal treatment is carried out to increase the energy content of the coal and to reduce the emissions of harmful substances during combustion. Various physical and chemical methods are usually used in coal treatment, such as water washing, flotation, separation by magnetic fields or the use of chemical solutions.

Coal washing removes dust, sand, clay and other solid impurities that may reduce the energy value of the coal. Other methods of coal treatment may be aimed at removing sulphur, which is present in the coal in the form of sulphur compounds. Removing sulphur from coal helps to reduce sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions from coal combustion. The coal treatment process improves the performance and environmental properties of coal, which can be advantageous for industrial and energy applications.

In stock in the ports of Gdansk/Gdyne, Poland

Both ports are working together to develop maritime transport, infrastructure and logistics solutions to support trade activities and the regional economy in the area.

Train freight transport

Trains produce significantly less greenhouse gases than other means of transport such as cars or planes. Train services are often electrified and run on renewable energy sources, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.
Trains are able to transport large amounts of freight with relatively little energy consumed.
Train transport generates less noise than other means of transport. This is particularly important in areas with a high population density, where reducing noise pollution is a major benefit for the environment and the quality of life of residents.

Ship freight transport

Modern cargo ships are designed to be energy efficient and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.
The ships have a large carrying capacity and are capable of carrying large amounts of cargo at once. This means that shipping is efficient for bulk transport of goods, especially over long distances.

About us

1) Cooperation

First, we get to know the client and their specific needs. Our goal is to understand how we can best accommodate you so that we can find common ground and create a strong partnership.

2) Transportation

We will use our extensive and proven experience to deliver your commodities to you using ship, rail and truck transportation. We are always there for you with a smile and a friendly attitude.

3) Customs services

We use our proven experience to provide hassle-free customs and port services in the ports of Gdansk and Gdynia.

4) Revenue

Our partnership delivers returns not only in the form of profit, but also in increased brand awareness, access to new markets and customers, sharing of resources and knowledge, and strengthening your competitiveness in the marketplace.

5) Coal sorting

We customize and grade coal by fraction and energy value to perfectly match your specific needs and applications.


We will be happy to send you our complete portfolio in pdf – please leave us your email.


Growth in world coal consumption: What are the numbers in the Czech Republic?

Growth in world coal consumption: What are the numbers in the Czech Republic?

World coal consumption and its impact on the Czech market.

In 2023, world coal consumption will exceed 8.5 billion tonnes for the first time, an increase of 1.4%.

China, India and Southeast Asia now account for ¾ of global coal consumption, a significant shift from the situation in 1990 when this region accounted for only ¼ of world consumption.

In the Czech Republic, where hard coal and lignite are mined, the market situation is influenced by both domestic production and foreign trade.

The value of the coal market has been calculated on the basis of the results of the statistical findings for 2023 published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

To better understand the size of the hard coal market in the Czech Republic, the average hard coal price in 2024 has been used.

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“Capitalism vs. Collectivism: How Do They Affect Our Business?”

“Capitalism vs. Collectivism: How Do They Affect Our Business?”

“Capitalism vs. Collectivism: How Do They Affect Our Business?”

😉 If you make money, it’s because you offer a better product at a better price…

😉 Capitalism and Collectivism have different principles….

😉 Countries that are free are 12 times richer…

What can we learn when we look into the real world of change and compare it to our personal and business lives?

A short excerpt from the Argentine President’s speech in Davos:

If you are making money, it is because you are offering a better product at a better price, and thus contributing to the general welfare.

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How to join the global 1% elite: Are you part of the 1% elite?

How to join the global 1% elite: Are you part of the 1% elite?

How to join the global 1% elite: Are you part of the 1% elite?

Sit back and get ready for a very interesting read!

According to a recent edition of the Wealth Report from property consultancy Knight Frank, the number of people with a net worth of more than $1 million has been steadily increasing.

Private equity is critical to real estate investment, accounting for a record 49% of all business transactions in 2023.

As wealth creation turns positive again, this will have a growing impact on real estate results.

22% of high net worth individuals intend to invest in residential property this year and 19% in commercial property.

The need for private capital in repurposing and upgrading global assets has never been greater.

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Vlastimil Vilímek


+420 604 283 877

Czech Republic

Vlastimil Vilímek


+420 604 283 877


Vlastimil Vilímek


+420 604 283 877

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