“Capitalism vs. Collectivism: How Do They Affect Our Business?”

Author: Vlastimil Vilímek | Prague on 26.03.2024

😉 If you make money, it’s because you offer a better product at a better price…

😉 Capitalism and Collectivism have different principles….

😉 Countries that are free are 12 times richer…

What can we learn when we look into the real world of change and compare it to our personal and business lives?

A short excerpt from the Argentine President’s speech in Davos:

If you are making money, it is because you are offering a better product at a better price, and thus contributing to the general welfare.

Argentine politics has never been my main interest, but recently I noticed a charismatic figure who is changing the game.

Javier Milei, known for his eccentric speeches and bold promises, gained attention in Argentina and won the election with a radical plan for economic recovery in the sectors of deregulation, privatisation and dollarisation.

His entry into politics sent Argentine stocks soaring and opened the door to new opportunities.

President Milei of Argentina shone at the World Economic Forum in Davos!”.

Here’s how he started…

Thanks to free enterprise capitalism, the world is at its best today. Never in all of human history has there been a more prosperous time than the one we live in today. Today’s world is freer, richer, more peaceful and more prosperous than at any other time in our history. This is true for all, but especially for those countries that are free, where economic freedom and individual property rights are respected. For those countries that are free are 12 times richer than those that are oppressed…

“In his speech, he emphasized the fight against the forces that impede entrepreneurship and free markets.”

It must never be forgotten that socialism is always and everywhere a debilitating phenomenon which [has failed] in all countries where it has been tried. It was an economic failure. It was a social failure. It was a cultural failure. And it has also murdered more than 100 million human beings…

Collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that plague the world’s citizens, but rather – on the contrary – their cause…

He ended his speech on an inspiring note:

I would like to leave a message to all the entrepreneurs present here and to those who are watching us from all corners of the planet… Do not surrender to a political class that only wants to stay in power and maintain its privileges.

You are social benefactors.

You are heroes.

You are the creators of the most extraordinary period of prosperity we have ever seen.

Let no one tell you that your ambitions are immoral. If you are making money, it is because you are offering a better product at a better price, and thus contributing to the common good.

Don’t fall prey to the advances of the state. The state is not the solution. The state is the problem itself.

You are the real protagonists of this story. And know that from today on, you have an unwavering ally in the Argentine Republic.

Exciting words… especially for Argentines.


“Immediately upon taking office as the new president on December 10, 2023, Milei began to fulfill his promise to limit the government.”

In his first 30 days, he consolidated 18 government ministries into nine, fired 5,000 government bureaucrats, devalued the peso to bring it closer to the black market rate, and unveiled a 350-page economic reform package.

Although Capitalism and Collectivism have different principles, they can be collectively described as “economic systems” because they refer to the way economic activity is organized in a given society and how economic resources are managed.

“Let us not forget, then, the value of common sense and fine discretion as we seek the right way forward. Perhaps in finding that happy medium lies the key to a balanced and successful future.”

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