“How does age affect our approach to life?”

Author: Vlastimil Vilímek | Prague on 02.03.2024

“A look at lifestyle, life views and work engagement at different life stages”


Hi everyone!

No, don’t worry, this isn’t some boring science article.

We have prepared a lot of interesting facts to add a little knowledge to your morning coffee or evening tea.

Have you ever noticed how your view of the world changes as you get older?

How your lifestyle changes, your values, your thoughts and even your approach to work?

But did you know that as you age, not only does your quality of life increase, but also your job intelligence?


So sit back, grab a mug or a glass of your favorite beverage and get ready for an interesting ride!


“How we approach life in different age groups,,

Middle Age: A journey of self-discovery and fulfilment.

Middle-aged people often focus on self-acceptance, live with a sense of purpose, make friends with people of all ages, prioritize learning, are active, and chart their own path in life.

The idea of conscious aging, positively affects the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals in this age group.

Something in us is awakening, we feel the need to grow, to contribute to society, and to find meaning and purpose in our work.

Oh, so that’s why all the emails and meetings are so draining?

But you know what? It’s that little kind of fatigue where you know you’ve already accomplished something.


Old age: Different approaches to life.

Don’t think that older adults are just passive bystanders to life.

On the contrary! Older adults can have different approaches to life.

Active seniors who maintain their self-sufficiency, work, volunteer, and actively participate in social events are one group.

Another group consists of more frail and dependent seniors who need help and care from others.

The quality and level of work engagement varies between individuals and depends on their health, ability and motivation.


A balanced lifestyle in middle age.

As we have already mentioned, middle-aged people often place an emphasis on learning and an active lifestyle.

This is often key to maintaining health and vitality.

Regular exercise, a balanced diet and mental health care are essential elements that contribute to people feeling great at this age and being able to fully engage in their responsibilities and hobbies.


Healthy lifestyles in old age: the key to an active life.

Regular physical activity, healthy eating and mental health care can help older adults maintain vitality, health and independence.

Whether seniors are active or need help and care from others.

,,Age is just a number that helps us keep track of how long we’ve been on this journey,,.

But what really counts in the end is our ability to adapt, learn and grow.

Each age group has its own specifics and its own unique view of the world.

Our lifestyle has a decisive influence on our overall well-being, disease prevention and life extension.


What impact does our lifestyle have on our quality of life?

I don’t need to tell you how important our lifestyle is to our overall well-being.

Food, exercise, and prioritizing mental health are all components of a healthy lifestyle.

Believe me, proper distribution even prevents disease, reduces health care costs, and prolongs our lives.

A healthy lifestyle:

,,It’s like trying to negotiate with a bartender to pour a pint of beer into your pint glass,,.

But let’s not forget that our life choices are not just about us.

They’re influenced by individual preferences, culture and social norms.

External factors such as education, income and access to resources can also influence our choices.

For example, if we don’t have access to fresh food, it can be hard to eat a balanced diet, and if we don’t have the time or energy to exercise, it can be hard to stay active.


After all, as the old saying goes: “Health is the greatest wealth”.


How do our beliefs and thoughts affect our world view?

Have you ever wondered how our brains create a meaningful picture of the world?

Yes, faith is the building block!

Faith is the mental representation that our brain uses to orient and understand the world.

Beliefs can be deeply rooted and influence how we see ourselves and how we perceive the world around us.


“It’s a bit like having glasses that turn everything pink. No matter how real things are, you will see everything in pink,,


Keep in mind that our thoughts are influenced by our life experiences, genetics and education.

Our thoughts can affect our emotions, behaviour and general well-being.

They can be consciously controlled and changed, offering the possibility of a self-improving conscious life.

It is up to us to actively work with them and adapt them to reflect the best version of ourselves.


Let’s not forget that when it comes to ideas, we are the ones holding the wheel.

Let’s remember that the quality of our lives is directly affected by the worldview we choose.


The quality of work engagement and levels in different age groups.


Quality of work engagement and levels may vary across age groups.

After all, each stage of life brings with it different experiences, perspectives and motivations.

What is common to all age groups, however, is that each of us seeks some level of job satisfaction, whether it is a sense of accomplishment, recognition or an opportunity for personal growth and development.


It’s important to remember that each individual is unique and there is no “right” way to approach work at a particular age.


But regardless of age, it’s important to find work that gives us meaning and satisfaction, whether we work full-time, part-time or have decided to retire.


Age is just a number that helps us keep track of how long we’ve been on this path.

But what really counts in the end is our ability to adapt, learn and grow.


So it doesn’t matter how old we are!

Whether you are young or old, age has a significant impact on our attitudes to life, lifestyle, opinions and ideas.

The influence is also evident in our work engagement and performance.

It is important to be aware of how these factors change as we age and how we can influence our quality of life at each age group.


Age is just a number that does not define us.

What really defines us is our approach to the world, our determination and our desire for knowledge, growth and change.


So whatever stage of life you are in, remember what is important to you and be open to the new experiences and possibilities that each new day brings.

Are you ready? Take a sip of your favorite beverage, and dive into the calculator developed by professors at the University of Pennsylvania.


My result:

How can your attitude to health affect your life expectancy?
“The data shows that your attitude towards health adds up to 8.4 years to your life expectancy,,

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