“Decoupling Gasification!

Groundbreaking technology:

how to separate coal into its individual components”

Author: Vlastimil Vilímek | Prague on 18.12.2023

Decoupling Gasification is a promising option for clean coal utilization, offering a number of advantages including full and efficient coal utilization, high thermal efficiency, excellent quality of hydrogen-rich synthesis gas, wide product range, versatility in using different coal types and efficient management.

It is an advanced coal gasification process. During this process, coal is primarily pyrolysed into volatiles and semi-coke.

The volatiles are then further transformed and separated into tar and hydrogen-rich pyrolysis gas.


These products can then be used in a number of applications, including the production of fuel oils, high value-added chemical products from tar, or clean fuels, hydrogen and electricity from pyrolysis gas.


Decoupling Gasification is a sophisticated type of coal polygeneration technology that focuses on the individualized recovery of individual coal components.


This method brings a number of advantages such as optimal coal utilization, high thermal efficiency, excellent synthesis gas quality, a wide range of products and versatile use of different coal types.


The study focuses on new coal gasification separation technologies that are of interest to researchers due to their specific advantages.


Various researchers have investigated this technology and analyzed different gasification methods including pyrolysis gasification, two-stage gasification, pre-oxidized gasification, etc.


Key elements include three-stage gasification, separation of C and H components, CO2 and hydrogen recovery, and chemical looping.


The new technologies are presented as more efficient than conventional gasification methods, such as General Electric’s technology, with significant improvements in efficiency and reduced destruction of system exergy.


Main ideas:

*Charcoal is a complex mixture whose components have different reaction characteristics, which complicates the gasification process.

*The coal gasification process involves many interconnected reaction networks taking place in a single reactor.

*Decoupling Gasification is an innovative technology with specific advantages.

*Liu et al. – developed the coal-coke-hydrogen-iron system.


This technology is presented as a competitive and attractive option for efficient and full utilization of coal.

Its importance lies in the production of polygeneration products such as high calorific pyrolysis gas, fuels, hydrogen-rich syngas, electricity and high value-added chemicalsexclamation


In a series of follow-up articles, we have covered in detail the Supercritical Water Gasification (SCWG) technology, Plasma Gasification which produces a gas that has carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane and other gases in an oxidizing plasma environment, CLG- a new way to convert coal into hydrogen rich syngas.

We have introduced the main innovative coal gasification techniques that are attracting increasing interest and will discuss in detail the results of a comprehensive study funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Basic Science Center Program for Orderly Energy Conversion of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

and why CHINA?

China is not only the premier producer of coal, but also sits on the throne as the largest consumer of this commodity energy source.


We are therefore very interested in what studies are taking place at the heart of the Chinese energy scene, particularly in the coal mining and consumption sector.


Join us and follow us for more fascinating information.


In next week’s installment, we’ll take a closer look at wink A hydrogen-rich synthesis gas that can be used to produce electricity, fuel, or other high-value-added chemicals.

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