“Converting coal into miracle hydrogen gas: discover the unique CLG method!”

Author: Vlastimil Vilímek | Prague on 11.12.2023

CLG – a new way to convert coal into a synthetic gas with a high hydrogen content.

This method does not need oxygen separation and also reduces the amount of harmful substances that are released into the air.

Chemical gasification of coal, specifically chemical loop gasification (CLG) technology, is an innovative process that makes it possible to transform coal into a synthetic gas with a high hydrogen content.


CLG is a unique coal gasification method that differs from others by using oxygen carriers instead of molecular oxygen to partially oxidize the solid coal.

This process results in the production of syngas with a high degree of purity, high calorific value and minimal tar content.


The CLG technology consists of two main parts – the fuel reactor (FR) and the air reactor (AR).

In the fuel reactor, coal reacts with an oxygen carrier to produce syngas.

After the reaction, the oxygen carrier is reduced and moved to the air reactor where the oxygen is recovered by oxidation with air.


The air reactor is the site of exothermic reactions, which means that it releases heat. This heat can then balance the reaction heat needed in the fuel reactor. In addition, some metallic elements in the oxygen carrier can act as catalysts for the gasification reaction.


It is important to point out that CLG takes place in a reducing atmosphere, which can help to reduce the formation of pollutants such as Sox (sulphur oxides) and Nox (nitrogen oxides).


CLG technology offers a number of advantages over other gasification technologies.

Most notably, it eliminates the need for oxygen separation, reduces pollutant emissions and minimises tar formation.


These benefits make it a promising technology for efficient coal recovery and hydrogen production.


The analysis shows that the key factors for further development of CLG technology are the selection and development of oxygen carriers, the study of reaction mechanisms and the optimization of process conditions.

These areas should be the focus of upcoming research to improve the efficiency and performance of CLG technology.



In a series of follow-up articles, we have reviewed in detail the Supercritical Water Gasification (SCWG) technology, Plasma Gasification which produces a gas that has carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane and other gases in an oxidizing plasma environment, We have reviewed the main innovative coal gasification techniques, that are attracting increasing interest and discuss in detail the results of a comprehensive study funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Basic Science Center Program for Orderly Energy Conversion of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Join us and follow us for more fascinating information.

Next week’s installment will take a closer look at Decoupling Gasification, a promising option for clean coal utilization that offers several advantages – high efficiency and full utilization of coal, high thermal efficiency, high quality hydrogen-rich synthesis gas, diverse products, wide applicability of coal types, and good housekeeping.

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